Aliceville hosts discussion with business leaders targeting growth


Aliceville in Pickens County is seeking growth, but that’s not likely to happen if businesses aren’t on board.

On Tuesday, business leaders from around the city came together at Aliceville City Hall for a discussion on the area’s future.

Although it was the group’s first meeting, the goal is hosting them quarterly so leaders can put their heads together and find ways that can attract more people and more businesses to Aliceville.

Aliceville Mayor Terrence Windham called the first meeting, and around 30 people were at the event.

“Everybody, business owners, small, large, medium-sized, they are interested in bringing back to the old days of success,” Windham said. “I think success means people living in Aliceville, working in Aliceville, having fun and socializing in Aliceville. We are on the cusp of that, but it is going to take a little bit more effort and we will get onto the edge.”

Some business owners said the lack of a local hospital and a dwindling ambulance service is a major issue preventing residents from coming.

But Aliceville residents like Matt Lavender said rural areas have their perks, too.

“Raising my kids and living in a small town is something that I have really enjoyed,” Lavender said. “There are a lot of positives in Aliceville. A lot of small businesses that people don’t know about, good paying jobs for people who could live here. I think we can work on some entertainment and some restaurants to keep people around and give them more to do, so that’s some things we can work on together.”

Aliceville resident Roshonda Clark was born and raised in town. That’s why she started her business, Tranquility Pool, in the same place.

Clark said she’s encouraged by the event’s turnout.

“We need this,” Clark said. “We need to collaborate on those ideas. Some of our seasoned businesses can tell some of our new businesses how they made it this long, the mistakes that they made, what worked for them. Our new businesses and people coming on the scene can tell them, ‘Hey, this is what we are looking for as young people to stay here in Aliceville. This is what we need here.’ It brings us all together. I think it’s awesome.”

The next meeting will be held sometime in January.

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