Alex Drueke back in Ukraine supporting civilians, soldiers

alex drueke

A West Alabama man who was held captive by Russian separatists for months is now back in Ukraine on the same mission.

Alex Drueke’s mother Bunny Drueke said Monday her son is working with a group called Ukrainian Patriot, a group providing support and aid for those defending Ukraine and the civilians caught in the crossfire.

Bunny Drueke said Alex left July 4, and he’s been delivering food and medicine to small villages and protective gear and first aid kits to soldiers.

Drueke said her son is planning on coming home the first week of August, just in time to serve as best man in fellow prisoner of war Andy Huynh’s wedding. 

Drueke and Huynh were held captive as prisoners of war in Ukraine by Russian separatists for 105 days, until they were released in a prisoner swap in September. 

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