Alex Drueke, Andy Huyhn are coming home

After spending months as a Russian prisoner of war, Alex Drueke is headed home alongside another Alabamian who was stuck in the same circumstances.

Druke’s mother Bunny said she and the fiancee of fellow POW and North Alabama resident Andy Huynh are hoping to fly out Thursday to meet and bring them home. 

Bunny Drueke’s world has been turned upside down since this summer. 

That’s when her son Alex was taken prisoner while in Ukraine helping to train Ukrainian fighters. 

But Wednesday, she got a phone call from Alex. He said he was in Saudi Arabia, and was finally free. 

She said during that fated phone call, he said something she was afraid she’d never hear again. 

“He said, ‘it’s Alex, your favorite child,’ ” Bunny Drueke said. “That’s how I knew it was Alex. He has always teased his brother and sister about being the favorite child.”

She said Alex and Andy are together and being checked out at a hospital. 

They’ve gotten decent food, clean clothes, showers and a bed since they were rescued.  

Bunny Drueke said she wants to thank everyone for their prayers for her son’s safe return home.  

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