Alabamians can’t handle cold. Here’s how to deal


By: WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Sierra Fletcher

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Since the start of the new year, Tuscaloosa has been experiencing some major weather changes.

Here in Tuscaloosa, locals are used to sunny skies and warm weather, however for the past couple of weeks Tuscaloosa has been dealing with drastic weather changes that has been leaving local Alabamians in a realistic nightmare.

With days hovering anywhere between the low 70s and 40s and nights getting dropping as low as 25 degrees, locals and students alike are finding it hard to stay sane and properly clothed.

“Man, just getting my kids ready to go to school in the morning is a hassle,” said Tuscaloosan Andrew Wilson. “I don’t want to be out there in the freezing cold waiting for them to get on the bus, and I know they don’t want to be out there either.”

People stuck outside for hours on end aren’t happy, either, and that includes student-athletes who say the cold weather isn’t just uncomfortable, it makes practice even harder.

“It is very cold,” said Samford University football player DeAndre Williams. “We are out here running in the cold wind. It makes it very hard to breathe as well as getting dry eyes.”

Here are some tips and tricks to help keep you warm until Alabama turns back into a sauna:

  • Buy a space heater: They’re cheap, and perfect to heat up smaller spaces like bedrooms and offices. They’ll also help save you money because you can turn down the thermostat. CAUTION: Do not leave space heaters unattended! They’re a major cause of household fires in the winter months. If you’re not in the room, switch it off.
  • Keep your house heated to 55 degrees at the lowest: Older homes aren’t as insulated, and keeping your thermostat at less than 55 can result in frozen pipes and big repair bills.
  • Let your water drip overnight: If the weather dips below freezing, open your faucets a smidge and allow them to drip at night. The flow ensures your pipes won’t freeze solid.
  • In case of emergency: Keep working flashlights or candles and canned or boxed food on hand. Sudden power outages aren’t common, but having lights and a meal available ensures you’ll be OK for awhile. Just light one of them bad boys, contact maintenance or your power company, and hopefully the power will be back in a jiffy.
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