Alabama’s Saban is candid on impact of NCAA transfer portal


There is no denying that NCAA transfer portal has had an impact on college sports.

For programs like Alabama football, it seems that it’s impact is felt more in recruiting and roster construction than it is in retaining and developing players.

“I’m not mentioning any names, but there’s only like one player I was really like disappointed that the guy didn’t stay here and I couldn’t understand why he was leaving,” Saban said.

The narrative surrounding the NCAA transfer portal is often centered around the power that individual athletes are given to seek out the best opportunity. Saban points out that the increased leverage also carries increased consequence.

“This is not for everybody,” Saban said. “People who want to be here, want to do the best they can, develop value for their future and who they are as a person.

“And what we have an opportunity to do when guys leave is we have an opportunity to replace them, too.”

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