Alabama’s oldest living quarterback celebrates her 93rd birthday

By WVUA-23 Sports Reporters Cooper Huskey & Grace Brister
Pic Marie Tot Fikes0

Alabama’s oldest living quarterback, Marie “Tot” Fikes celebrated her 93rd birthday this week.

Fikes was a student at the University of Alabama (1946-1950) and took part in an annual all girls charity game known as the Honey Bowl.

She played for the Alabama Bumble Bees, a team composed of juniors and seniors, against the Alabama Hummingbirds, a team made up of freshmen and sophomores.

In 1947, Fikes was the Bumble Bees halfback, and one year later she quarterbacked the team to the 1948 “Honey Bowl” Title.

Fikes said that she enjoyed athletic events, and this sounded like a great opportunity.

“We played in Denny Stadium, and there [were] about 5,000 people who came to see the game. It was just a fun thing,” said Fikes.

Fikes didn’t think much of being the distinction of being “Alabama’s oldest living quarterback”. Her niece, Kay Reyes, did family research and realized her Aunt’s accomplishment.

Reyes remembers delivering her findings. She asked her Aunt, do you know “who is the oldest, still living, former quarterback for the University of Alabama? And she went, ‘you’re not going to say it’s me, are you?'”

Fikes is twenty months older than Clell Hobson, the oldest living Crimson Tide quarterback.

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