Five Mayors Talk About Business Construction

Five of the biggest mayors in Alabama began meeting in Tuscaloosa to unify and push for higher taxes that will go toward roads, bridges and construction.

They’re combining their efforts to push for legislation to raise more funding for infrastructure. Those mayors include:

  • Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox
  • Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin
  • Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson
  • Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle
  • Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Maddox said without infrastructure, improvements and growth will be difficult for larger cities in Alabama. According to Maddox, 20 percent of the state’s bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

“This is just imperative,” said Stimpson. “If you take one of the biggest economic engines in the state of Alabama, it’s the port in the city of Mobile. And things that are coming to the port and things that are going out of the port are traversing our highways. And so all the way from Huntsville. And so if we don’t have I-65 to be able to traverse the state in the manner that other competitive states are doing, business are going to look elsewhere.”

All five mayors said they support Gov. Kay Ivey’s efforts through the infrastructure bill.

“I think the legislature actually passing legislation would be wise and give all of us guidance with this issue right now,” Maddox said. “What you’re going to have is probably this municipality enacting a one set of regulations another municipality acting another. I think guidance would probably be wise for all of us.”

The start of the legislative session is March 5.

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