As the temperatures drop outside, the energy remains high in Stran-Hardin Arena. In the final game of the Press Ganey Tipoff, Ryan Hynes and Ford Burttram switched spots. Both head coaches and both members of ABC Medical, Hynes was able to play in the men’s game. Now, it’s Burttram’s turn in the women’s game.

Alabama started fast with Arinn Young and Rosie Lalonde quickly becoming in-sync. The passing across the court, under the basket and the fullcourt slingers, gave fans flashbacks of last season. Then, Kate Lang joined in on the action.

ABC Medical played the ball well; their experience allowed the offense to get the most out of its possessions. They held the ball until there was under 10 seconds on the shot clock and waited to shoot. Burttram’s experience allowed ABC Medical to pass inside and then back out. And, because of that, ABC Medical kept it semi-competitive for a large portion of the game.

Now, the women’s team didn’t have to fill the holes the men’s team did, but they had an opportunity to see the skill its freshmen hold. Freshman Catha Weiss played the most and although her stats were not spectacular, she provided depth in defense, transition and doing the dirty work.

Georgia Inglis also played strong defense.

Young finished with 31 points, while ABC Medical’s Burttram finished with 11 points.

The Crimson Tide finished the Press Ganey Tipoff 2-0. Alabama will next play Friday, Nov. 15, at the Hollister Open in Tuscaloosa.

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