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Courtesy of Alabama Adapted Athletics

For the first time, after the women had defeated the University of Texas at Arlington to earn its sixth national championship, they were back on the court. It was like a scene we’ve seen before. The Crimson Tide was passing efficiently, getting rebounds and not being afraid of doing the dirty work. After a couple of minutes, Alabama was looking the part.

On a Friday night, where most students are home for Fall break, Stran-Hardin Arena was packed for the Press Ganey Tipoff. It’s the season opener. The Crimson Tide are defending national champions, but that doesn’t mean a thing. It’s a new team. A new season. With the same goal.

Arinn Young showed why she wasn’t just MVP of the national championship tournament, but that she is one of the best wheelchair basketball players in the world. She passed, rebounded and somehow always found the basket. Then, there’s Sarah Maynard, who during the first half had trouble connecting on baskets, but was still in the middle of the dirty work and transition. Catha Weiss, a freshman for the Crimson Tide, also played significant minutes.

Young finished with 43 points and Kate Lang had 24 points.

Give Memphis credit. The Grizzlies battled with the Crimson Tide. Mike Archie and Justin Siebert led the team combining for 34 points. They were everywhere the ball was. During the fourth quarter, they made a rally; however, young and Lang did not let it happen.

Earlier in the week, head coach Ryan Hynes expressed that the team didn’t want to do anything to complex; they didn’t want to overthink things. Instead, he wanted to build off of where they left off last year.

Alabama did just that.

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