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Alabama’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in nearly a decade.

Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald Washington said the state’s 5.4 percent jobless rate is a huge accomplishment.


“We as a department at the Alabama Department of Labor, have done a lot of things strategically to make sure that job seekers are aware of the resources available for people who are looking for work,” he said.

Looking ahead to the holidays, seasonal hiring will also have a big impact on Alabama’s unemployment rate, Washington said.

“I’ve very encouraged with seasonal hiring moving into the fourth quarter,” he said. “Which I feel will have a direct impact with our overall employment rate.”

One company looking to hire seasonal workers is Toys R Us. The toy store said it’s hiring about 400 workers statewide before the holiday season. In addition, UPS is looking to hire 95,000 workers nationwide for the influx of holiday packages.

Gov. Robert Bentley said before he was elected that he would not accept a paycheck until Alabama’s unemployment rate is 5.2 percent.

Nationally, the unemployment rate is 4.9 percent.

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