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Alabama’s on track for a record-setting year for traffic fatalities.

Last year was no slouch in the records, either, with 526 deaths due to wrecks, but if the trend continues, the state is looking to easily surpass that number this year.

“Most of these traffic fatalities have been a result of human error,” said Alabama State Trooper Reginal King. “If everyone would take just a few extra moments to abide by the rules, the number of traffic crashes would be reduced.”

So far this year, Alabama has seen 156 traffic fatalities, versus 111 around this time one year ago.

“And of those fatalities,” King said. “55 percent of them were not wearing a seat belt.”

Troopers said they know some of those lives could have been saved if the victims had only taken a few seconds to buckle up.

King said he and other law enforcement officers are doing everything they can to reduce those numbers.

“Right now we are doing everything we possibly can as Alabama State Troopers,” King said. “We’re enforcing rules of the road, and we try to be as much of a presence as possible.”

Troopers said it’s going to take a collective effort from law enforcement and the community to reduce those numbers.

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