Alabama took down South Alabama 5-4 on a walk-off wild pitch

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3/29/22 MBA Alabama vs South Alabama | Team Photo by Robert Sutton | ©2022 Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Hunter De Siver

Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Bases loaded.

Lights are beaming onto The Joe. Fans have their cameras ready. All eyes are on the pitcher’s mound.

In the fourth inning, down 2-0 with two outs, rallying caps came out for the Tide. Four straight runs took place after, with the last three coming from a home run to right center by second baseman Bryce Eblin.

Fast forward to the eighth inning. South Alabama nearly took the lead, but a long throw by left fielder Owen Diodati caught the runner out at home to keep the score even at 4.

Most of the best moments in baseball history occurred at home plate in the bottom of the ninth. With the swing of a bat, thousands of players have gone down as legends for a night.

However, sometimes the batter doesn’t need to be the hero.

After a double by Alabama shortstop Jim Jarvis to begin the bottom of the ninth, fans began to rise out of their lawn chairs.

Jarvis was able to advance to third after a groundout by Tommy Seidl.

One out. Man on third. Ninety feet from greatness.

South Alabama head coach Mark Calvi gambled by intentionally walking the next two batters, Zane Denton and Owen Diodati, two of the Tide’s best hitters.

Baseball is often a game of two players: the pitcher and the batter.

The focus now shifted from Calvi’s gamble to pitcher Jackson Boyd.

Boyd struck out Dominic Tamez. He’s halfway done with the gamble.

Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Bases loaded.

It was Andrew Pinckney’s turn for a shot at greatness. Pinckney reached home earlier in the game and wanted Jarvis to join the party.

The count now at two balls and two strikes.

Calvi and Boyd were a strike away from sending the game to extra innings.

Boyd threw a wild pitch in the dirt. Pinckney backed off the plate and Jarvis dove head first with his hands touching the white diamond.

The lights that were as bright as the moon flicked on and off. The Tide bench leaped from the dugout and onto home plate.

“I’m not sure that we played our best tonight but just proud of our guys for doing enough to get a win over a good team,” Alabama head coach Brad Bohannon said.

The Tide begins a three-game series against SEC rival Texas A&M starting April 1 at 6 p.m., at Sewell-Thomas Stadium.

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