Buckling Up Saves Lives

seat belt

There were 743 people who were killed in car crashes in Alabama in 2018 and 366 of them were not wearing seat belts.

The University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety conducted a study on the importance of buckling up and found that the probability of dying in a car crash is 50 times higher when unrestrained and the probability of being ejected is 500 times higher.

“Buckled up you’ve got less than one in a thousand chance of getting killed in a crash, but if you are not buckled up it’s like one in twenty four chance so that’s a huge difference,” said Rhonda Stricklin, the Associate Director for the UA Center for Advanced Public Safety. “Why take those kind of chances when you don’t have to?”

Stricklin hopes that the outcome of this study encourages people to make it a habit of buckling up before driving.

“Hopefully the younger generation is being taught and it will become automatic and we will have hat culture change if they are taught are infants, as babies, and toddlers to buckle up,” Stricklin said.

The click it or ticket program started Monday and looks to enforce seat belt safety. During the course of the program, additional traffic enforcement will be conducted, with an emphasis on upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

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