Alabama students raise money for Turkey earthquake relief

Turkish Students Helping Earthquake Survivors Chaney
turkey relief effort

By WVUA23 Student Reporter Chaney Scott

University of Alabama students and faculty unite to support the relief efforts from the earthquakes that devastated Turkey and Syria.  Tuesday, the University of Alabama’s Turkish Student Association started fundraising for the earthquake relief. Students and faculty will have a table set up at the Student Center on campus from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. through Feb. 21.  Members will be available to answer questions, pass out brochures and guide donation efforts.

UA Associate Professor of Operations Management Mesut Yavuz is originally from Turkey and serves as the Turkish Student Association’s head advisor.

“At a time of disaster like this, the association helps us to get together and coordinate our efforts. We made sure every student’s family was fine and was safe. We try to provide support, in and out of classes,” said Yavuz.

Donations will go directly to the Bridge to Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund, helping with humanitarian aid like providing temporary housing, food, water, infrared heaters, hygiene products and blankets.

“Every dollar helps. If they can donate the cost of coffee, just $5, that will go a long way in helping survivors there,” Yavuz said.

The Turkish Student Association will host an informational panel Feb. 28 in the Yellowhammer room of the Gorgas Library to discuss how the people of Turkey and Syria have been affected and what Americans can do to support humanitarian aid.

Before the earthquake, more than 6.5 million children in Syria needed humanitarian aid because the ongoing conflict.

Now, this earthquake and its 120 aftershocks thousands dead and many more injured or displaced in an area that has not seen a major earthquake in more than 200 years.

The World Health Organization estimates 23 million people in all are in some way affected by this disaster.

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