Alabama students protest conservative speaker visiting campus

Kirk Protest 2

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Madison Carmouche

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk came to the University of Alabama as part of his Exposing Critical Racism Tour. Kirk hosts a self-titled radio show were he discusses political news.

Turning Point USA is not in any way affiliated with Turning Point of West Alabama, which provides sexual assault and domestic violence services to anyone in need.

The tickets to the event were free but quickly sold out.

Several student organizations on campus banded together and created a protest against Kirk’s presence on campus, saying they’re disappointed in the university for allowing the event.

“We are here representing a variety of students,” said protest organizer Charlie. “I am personally here for Charlie Kirk’s opinions on the LGBTQ community.”

Protestor Isabelle Cornelius said she attended the protest because having anti-trans activists on campus could cause harm to the trans community.

“Even though this is at the Hotel Capstone I don’t want to see any of this on campus or near it,” Cornelius said. “It makes me personally uncomfortable as a trans woman. Very disappointing that the campus would say they are a diverse campus and would still allow something like this.”

Kirk’s tour is railing against critical race theory, which is an academic analysis of how race and law intersect in the U.S. It has never been taught at the grade-school level, but that hasn’t stopped states including Alabama to ban the theory’s discussion in public schools.

Leftist Collective President Charity McCalpin, who helped organize the protest, said having Kirk on campus is “a continuation of a long-standing narrative of racism at the University.”

While the protest was student led, Black Faculty and Staff Association President Chad Jackson was in attendance, ensuring students were expressing their First Amendment rights in an academic and safe manner.

kirk protest 2

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