Dornell Cousette

By WVUA 23 Reporter Jordan Johnson

Tuscaloosa, Ala- Officer Dornell Cousette’s life left an impact on the Tuscaloosa Community. His death left a hole.

“I’d never seen our community act like this before,” said Chandra Clark, a University of Alabama professor. “I thought it was important for the students to, as they watched it happen, to capture it.”

Seeing the way that Tuscaloosa banded together inspired Clark to have her digital news class collect the coverage on Cousette since his death and do different multimedia projects to present to his coworkers and family Thursday evening.

The students spent almost all semester creating a project that incorporated audio, visual, and interactive elements including a google map that showed the 43-mile journey of the seven-mile-long funeral procession for Cousette.

“It was God sent when Dr. Clark reached out to me,” said Sgt. Sebo Sanders of the Tuscaloosa Police Department. “I was something that was already on my mind to do and when she did it, it was like a weight lifted off of me.”

“It’s meant so much to me to like have the love and support that I’m getting from everybody, everybody,” said Cousette’s fiancée, Celita McCaskill.

The project can be found at

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