Candlelight Vigil

Students at the University of Alabama gathered on campus Monday night to show their support for those affected by the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14.

The Student Government Association hosted a candlelight vigil Monday night to remember the 17 students and faculty that were killed in the shooting and to show support for the 13 MSD alumni who attend Alabama.

UA students and staff gathered to write letters of support to MSD and to hold a moment of silence for 170 seconds to remember the 17 lives lost. The letters written at the vigil will be made into a banner and sent to the high school.

Parkland is almost 800 miles from Tuscaloosa, but that distance has not lessened the local impact of the tragedy that happened there last month.

“Every student should be equally valued, so what that means is if there’s a tragedy in Florida­–even though that might be 10 hours, 8 hours away–it still hits close to home because we have students from all over this nation and from different countries,” said Gene Fulmer, SGA director of engagement.

Stoneman Douglas alumnus Lyndsey White, who was at the vigil, said seeing how much support the community is receiving has played a huge role in getting through this hardship.

“We do have each other, but it’s also nice knowing that we have other support systems, whether it’s our friends, family, people we don’t even know just coming together for us and coming together for that community,” White said.

Nicole Serwinowski, an MSD alumnus whose little brother was in the school during the shooting, said the next step in her healing process is to go home and see her family for the first time since the shooting and to keep showing her support for her hometown.

“You kind of have to do things like this… you have to get together and you have to not be numb to what you’ve experienced,” Serwinowski said. “You have to feel it and get past it and stand with your friends and family in order to move on from it and build something from it.”

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