Alabama student standing up, showing support for Ukraine

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Mackenzie Wanicka

If you step foot on the University of Alabama campus with any regularity, odds are good you’ve seen him. A lone student, draped in a blue and yellow flag holding a sign that reads: “Slava Ukraini: What a blessing to be a student instead of a soldier” and features QR codes for organizations providing support to Ukrainians in need. He doesn’t spend his time yelling or shouting, but he’s more than happy to chat if anyone has any questions.

Jackson Hannan has been spotted in varying locations around campus since the beginning of March, using his presence to raise awareness and funds for those who have fled Ukraine or those fighting for their country against an aggressive Russian invasion.

“I believe very strongly in democracy and peace, not just as an ideological goal of freedom, but because it has a very real and tangible impact on the material conditions of people’s lives,” he said. “I think people should care and try to support Ukraine because it is democracy, and it is living under totalitarian rule for millions of people that is at stake.”

Hannan said he’s supporting MAP International, a Christian organization that provides medical supplies and aid in Ukraine, and Doctors Without Borders because they’re focused on providing help where the needs are at an all-time high.

The UA senior said he hopes more students get involved and help Ukraine in any way they can.  And he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

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