The University of Alabama’s Bama-1 Cube Sat Project, a part of the UA Space Program is having a launch watch party via zoom on Saturday, May 30.

The groups focus is on reducing space debris. They were excited to see Americans going back into space and seeing all the advances that have been made in space to make it happen.

Ian Noonan, their chief tactical officer, said that it is really inspiring because it shows that we can come back and do more stuff in space after a long hiatus.

Jack Muriano, their project manager, was also excited for the new era in space.

“And not only are we going back, were going back for such a comparatively low price compared to what its always been under every previous program which opens up so many more doors in terms of access, in terms of how often we can fly, who gets to fly, it’s really the start of a new era,” Muriano said.

That launch is scheduled for Saturday, May 30, at 2:22 p.m.

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