There are a lot of moving pieces for the Alabama football team this spring with three new coaches on offense, 16 new faces in and a former running back now playing tight end.

After suffering two Achilles tears since coming to Alabama as a four-star running back in 2014, Ronnie Clark is now being worked in as a tight end. The team has been impressed with the pass catching abilities of the versatile athlete from Calera.

Ross Pierschbacher, a junior offensive lineman, praises Ronnie’s transition this spring.

“Ronnies a great guy and we all just want to see him succeed, so he’s been there and doing a really good job. They have some film of him where he’s just making some moves on people and just having a lot of fun out there. So it’s good to see a guy like that, who has been through so much, just have the success he’s going to have.”

Head coach Nick Saban said “Ronnie we moved there just to be an H, so that’s really what he’s doing, really full-back like in some regards.”

The position of H-Back in the Alabama offense serve as a cross between and fullback and a tight end, a position that has been filled in the past by current Tennessee Titan, Jalston Fowler.

The 2017 depth chart has not been released but you can get a glimpse of this roster change on April 22 when the University of Alabama holds their annual A-Day Game.

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