Highway 43

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Hunter Jones

The annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation ranked Alabama 17th in highway performance and cost-effectiveness.

Reason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report uses data states report to the federal government in order to track the performance of state-owned highway systems in 11 categories, including highway spending per mile, rural and urban pavement condition, deficient bridges, traffic congestion and fatality rates.

Alabama ranked highest of any state in maintenance disbursements per mile and also ranked highly in rural arterial pavement condition and urbanized area congestion. The state ranked worst in urban Interstate pavement condition and rural arterial lane-width.

Alabama ranked no. 33 in fatality rate, no. 26 in deficient bridges, no. 21 in rural Interstate pavement condition, no. 38 in urban Interstate pavement condition, and no. 13 in urbanized area congestion. They also ranked no. 22 in total disbursement per mile and no. 34 in administrative disbursements per mile. Alabama’s state-controlled highway mileage makes it the no. 26 largest.

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