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Wallethub recently released its list of states ranked by their school systems. Alabama is number 46.

Wallethub’s analysis focuses on performance, funding, safety, class size and instructor credentials, in addition to academic scores. State assistant superintendent Tommy Glasscock said the data isn’t a true representation of how Alabama is doing.

“Some things you have to understand is, when you put this benchmark in for all states, if we continue to let it increase our test scores, then other states are going to increase as well,” he said. “I think the data is a little bit skewed; not that we don’t need to have data. But I think when people, like you said, as business industry partners are in the classroom, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not we are making a difference in the children of Alabama, not some test scores. So we’re excited about that.”

Here is the full list: 

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. Connecticut
  4. Virginia
  5. Vermont
  6. Minnesota
  7. New Hampshire
  8. Nebraska
  9. North Dakota
  10. Wyoming
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Delaware
  13. Kentucky
  14. Iowa
  15. Maine
  16. Illinois
  17. Colorado
  18. Rhode Island
  19. Maryland
  20. Kansas
  21. South Dakota
  22. Indiana
  23. Utah
  24. New York
  25. Montana
  26. Florida
  27. Pennsylvania
  28. Ohio
  29. Washington
  30. Missouri
  31. North Carolina
  32. Idaho
  33. Texas
  34. Tennessee
  35. Georgia
  36. Hawaii
  37. Michigan
  38. California
  39. South Carolina
  40. Oklahoma
  41. Arkansas
  42. Alaska
  43. Nevada
  44. Oregon
  45. District of Columbia
  46. Alabama
  47. West Virginia
  48. Mississippi
  49. Arizona
  50. Louisiana
  51. New Mexico
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