By: WVUA 23 News Reporter Amber Boswell

Alabama Quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa was carted off the field Saturday with a hip injury against Mississippi State.

However, on Sunday Tua was all smiles as he posted pictures of his teammates visiting him in the hospital.

Students back at The University of Alabama also wanted to make their quarterback smile by sending him their own get well wishes.

“I definitely want him to get well, I guess I can speak on behalf of Alabama. We appreciate everything that you’ve done for us, and we are just praying for you and your family for a speedy recovery,” said Alabama student Josh White.

Although fans are eager to have Tua back on the field, they want him to make a full recovery.

“Take your time man, it’s a marathon,” White said.

If you would like to send Tua a get well card, you can send them to the University of Alabama’s Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility, 1102 Coliseum Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

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