Alabama professor: Ukraine is resilient, won’t bend to Russia’s will easily

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Elise Anzaldua

A Soviet history expert at the University of Alabama said it’s likely Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will not involve the United States, but Ukrainians are resilient people and can find strength in their culture.

While Ukrainian students attending UA this semester are in mourning for their country and anxious about their families, others are wondering what happens next.

UA Associate Professor of Soviet History Margaret Peacock said this is a conflict that won’t involve the U.S.

“The United States will do nothing,” Peacock said. “There will be no American troops on the ground. From generals to scholars like me have been saying this for the last three or four weeks since the crisis started to scale up, so there will be no American boots on the ground or close to Ukraine.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the largest in Europe since World War II. Ukraine residents are fleeing into neighboring countries or preparing to fight back while Russian troops are slowly advancing into the country.

“One thing maybe to keep in mind is that Ukraine has always been resilient and strong,” Peacock said. “Russia may be able to move into Ukraine with force, but Russia has always struggled to hold Ukraine. That will likely be the case this time as it has been multiple times in the past.”

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