Alabama professor: State of the Union a somber speech amid worldwide tensions

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state of the union address biden

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Monday night was a somber, serious affair, said University of Alabama Political Science Professor Allen Linken.

There was a lot laid out on the table, considering tensions around the world amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Biden assured Americans that he’ll be going after Russian oligarchs, assisting Ukraine and releasing oil reserves to help decrease soaring oil prices. In addition, he vowed to help invest in educational opportunities, infrastructure and investment into clean energy.

Linken said the president’s address was a way for him to speak to those he hasn’t quite been capable of reaching yet, and he sent a strong message to the U.S. and far beyond.

“The State Of The Union was very much a tight rope walk trying to balance Ukraine, COVID, Supreme Court nominations, the midterms,” Linken said. “I think the president was successful in a lot of what he was trying to do.”

You can read Biden’s full address right here.

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