Alabama president shares details on campus enrollment, safety ahead of new semester

The University of Alabama’s campus and surroundings are constantly changing alongside the number of students who enroll each year.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the college recorded its largest incoming freshman class and overall enrollment at the university.

UA President Stuart Bell said he’s expecting this year’s class will be even bigger.  

 “We are still, believe it or not, bringing in students,” said Bell. “We do not have the final numbers, but expectations are we are going to surpass the overall record last year for freshman and overall enrollment. Last year was 8,037 freshmen and 38,645 total enrollment at the university. So, we think we will be a bit north of those numbers this coming year.”  

Securing the Strip just off campus has been a hot-button issue for years, with the high-profile shooting death of Jamea Harris and subsequent arrest and charges for former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles and friend Micheal Davis heightening the call for a stronger police presence and tighter restrictions.  

“Some of the big things that we have done is we have invested to provide additional lighting on the Strip,” said Bell. “We have just kind of refreshed it. We also opened a (Tuscaloosa Police Department) precinct station right on the Strip.” 

Bell also said several on-campus construction projects should wrapping up by the time classes start Aug. 23.

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