Alabama Power partners with Black attorneys to expand opportunities

Magic City Bar Association Aajene

What initially started out as a group of African American attorneys coming together to help one another in the legal community more than 30 years ago quickly turned into the Magic City Bar Association.

2021 President and current Board Member Sidney Jackson said the MCBA forged a partnership with Alabama Power on May 31 to help diversify the company in a unique way and let big companies know they exist.

Jackson said they often hear of companies talking about diversifying their legal staff, but many do not follow through with their discussions. This got him and the other board members thinking.

“There is a strong need for attorneys in all these major corporations. Surely those corporations can use our attorneys, and our attorneys can use those corporations at the same time. Let us see what sort of good we can do with this.”

This association focuses on creating a safe space for African American attorneys to learn and grow within the legal field, providing internship opportunities for students and shadowing programs designed to open doors.

“We are going to offer opportunities to people who don’t necessarily know how to get into the corporate world, the legal aspect of it,” Jackson said.

“Now they will have immediate access to the decision-making executives that can either give them jobs opportunities or even contract jobs which Alabama power and other big companies have so much of.”

Jackson said Alabama Power needs attorneys to cover any variety of legal issues that may arise at any given moment. It makes sense, he said, to have this partnership.

“The Alabama Power vehicles that are on the road every day, accidents do happen. So, Alabama Power needs attorneys to call where there are injuries or accidents or property damage, or whatever it may be” Jackson said.

“Now we have this pipeline, they can reach out to us, or we can reach out to them and make it much simpler so that people can get real opportunities.”

MCBA is looking forward to partnering with several other companies in the future as well.

For more information, visit their website.

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