Alabama Poet Laureate visits Tuscaloosa for event Friday

TUSCALOOSA – The University of Alabama hosted three poets from Alabama last week: Jaqueline Trimble, Kwoya Maples and Alabama Poet Laureate Ashley Jones. The event took place in the Camellia Room in Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library.

Each artist selected a piece of poetry and conveyed it through improvisational conversation in which they used their poetry to communicate with each other.

Jaqueline Allen Trimble, chairperson of Languages and Literatures at Alabama State University, delivered pieces that have appeared in journals such as Poetry Magazine, The Offing and The Louisville Review.

“Today was just really special and it reflects what I believe is so good about Alabama, the people who are here, and making art and those who love creating spaces like this one,” Jones said.

Jones reiterated what it meant for her to visit campus and speak to the students and faculty present. She also emphasized the importance of young artists staying true to themselves and their craft.

After the poets finished, the event was followed up with questions from the audience, and an autographed book signing from each artist.

Jones was named Alabama Poet Laureate at 31, making her the youngest-ever poet laureate for Alabama. She’s also the first person of color named to the position. She’ll serve in the position through 2026.

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