University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama is offering three courses over the summer in an effort to solve problems the coronavirus presents.

Two of the courses are designed to fix issues with personal protective equipment shortages. They will also tackle general problems such as domestic abuse, product innovation and supply chains.

Dr. Robert Morgan, a professor of marketing and one of the lead professors on the courses, said students from diverse areas of study are important to having well-rounded perspectives on pandemic problems.

“Innovation is most often most successful when it employs diverse teams,” Morgan said. “That diversity can be very broad if you consider the variety of majors UA offers and the demographic characteristics of our students.”

The last course is a seminar-style class that will bring in guest speakers. These guest speakers offer diverse perspectives on the pandemic, and will touch on topics such as healthcare and the design of public spaces.

Morgan, in collaboration with Dr. Ken Fridley, senior associate dean for administration in the College of Engineering, and Dr. Louis Marino, management department chair in the College of Business, created these courses based on a PPE project the three have been involved in since the closing of the University. The PPE project creates face shields on campus and distributes them to local and regional healthcare facilities.

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