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Courtesy of Alabama Adapted Athletics

All it took was a few minutes to get comfortable.

Playing with a young roster isn’t ideal, but Alabama has to make do with what it’s got.

It worked.

The Crimson Tide beat Memphis 62-42, improving to 8-3 on the season getting back into the win column after a 2-3 finish at Whitewater two weeks ago.

After a couple of fouls and a pair of turnovers by Lindy Bridges, the Crimson Tide got into a rhythm. But, like earlier in the season and last year, Memphis’ Michael Archie and Justin Siebert created havoc. They made shots, got rebounds and made things difficult defending.

By the 13-minute mark of the half, Bridges had two fouls. Just a few minutes later, he had three.

Ignacio Ortega was Alabama’s leading force, scoring 21 of the Crimson Tide’s 29 first-half points. He can shoot, rebound and is aggressive on defense — an all-around solid player.

His dominance continued during the second half as he continued to pressure the Grizzlies. They had no answers.

Alabama would extend its lead to double digits and finish at that. Ortega would finish with 42 points shooting 17-of-25 from the field, 17 rebounds, five assists and two blocks to close out an exceptional performance.

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