Rodney Smith

An Alabama man has traveled around the U.S. doing good deeds and now he’s back in his home state.

Rodney Smith Jr. recently traveled to every state in the country mowing the lawns of veterans, the elderly and those in need for free.

“I just finished my 50 state tour,” Smith said. “I traveled all 50 states mowing free lawns for veterans as a way of thanking them for their service and my last two states, Delta Airlines sponsored my trip to Alaska and Hawaii. I’m very grateful for them.”

This was Smith’s fifth time cutting grass in all 50 states. Not only does the man behind Raising Men Lawn Care Service love helping people in need, but he also enjoys listening to the stories he hears along the way.

“It was a beautiful experience just to meet all the different veterans and the different branches and hear their stories,” Smith said. “Some went to World War II some went to Vietnam some went to Afghanistan and just hearing all their stories is kind of amazing. I believe if one serves their country you know we should put them up here, high, and I come across so many veterans that struggle to get their lawn mowed and that should be the least of a veteran’s worries.”

Smith has traveled the country cutting grass, but now his sights are set on traveling the world – he wants to take his good deeds to every continent.

He doesn’t limit his services to cutting grass. Smith will also shovel snow or rake leaves as well.

Smith hopes that his good deeds will inspire others to heed the call to help.

“It doesn’t have to be lawn mowing,” Smith said. “It could be some other way. But my way of giving back is with lawn mowing. And I hope to encourage others to get out there and make a difference one lawn at a time.”

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