Alabama lawmakers working on new district lines

Redistricting Special Session Pic00000000

Alabama Lawmakers return to Montgomery this week for a special session focused on drawing new legislative, congressional and school board districts.

Some legal groups argue the state should have two out of Alabama’s seven U.S. congressional districts likely elect a Black representative, instead of just one.

According to data collected during the 2020 Census, Black and mixed-race residents make up more than 25%of the state’s population.

“A census is required every 10 years by Federal Law,” said Alabama Sen. Gerald Allen. “That was completed and numbers were registered. Every 10 years you have to redraw the district lines for State Senate and the House members and the State School Board and the Congressional seats. That’s what the special session is all about.”

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey sent out an executive order calling for the special session Monday.

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