Alabama Hospitals Top 5 in U.S. for Highest ICU Usage


By WVUA Digital Reporter Anneliese Taggart 

The state of Alabama has a long way before COVID-19 is under control, according to state health officials.

“We’re not anywhere near out of the mess we’re in”, said Alabama Hospital Association President Don Williamson.

As of Monday, there were 2,815 in-patients reported in the hospital with COVID-19 and 81 more patients in the ICU than there were beds available in Alabama. With 5,200 new cases reported Monday, the positivity rate of COVID-19 in Alabama is 22%. This percentage is down from 24%, but Alabama remains one of the top five states in the nation for the highest ICU usage.

With football kicking off across college campuses this weekend, Williamson said the state we may witness a spike in cases associated with football games. While football may cause additional cases, it may also result in increased vaccinations.

Williamson said there is no short-term solution for the virus. It is going to require people to do the things they don’t want to do, such as wearing a mask and getting vaccinated.

“There is no simple answer. We’re dealing with a lot of people who believed they were immune because they are young and healthy, and we now absolutely know that the delta variant is almost a totally different virus,” Williamson said. “We’re using more ICU beds now than we did in January when we had 300 more people in the hospital.”

There is also a lack of federal healthcare workers to meet the needs in Alabama and other Southern states, especially amid the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

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