Alabama Hospitals Open for Visitors Once More

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As of Friday, Oct. 2, hospitals and nursing home facilities in Alabama began welcoming visitors once again.

The order states that nursing home patients and residents will be allowed visits from one caregiver or one visitor at a time. Vice President of Marketing and Communications with DCH Health System Andy North said DCH Health System is being more lenient than some healthcare facilities.

“With the DCH guideline, we are allowing more than one visitor as long as the first visitor leaves and checks out with security before the second visitor comes in,” North said. “So, they can’t have two in a room at a time. They must come in and come out. Some hospitals elected to only have one per day or one per hospital visitation period.”

Most DCH Health System patients will be allowed visitors.

“Now, with this change, we are allowing one visitor in most cases where the patient is not positive for COVID,” North said. “If the patient has COVID, then there is no visitor unless it extenuating circumstances such as end of life.”

North told WVUA 23 that DCH Health System is following the new visitor guidelines set by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

“For instance, in Fayette at our long-term care facility, the guidelines aren’t changing at all,” Noth said. “They still aren’t allowing any visitors for the residents there because Fayette County has 16.4% positivity rate. That rate needs to be 10% before those long-term healthcare facilities can allow visitors.”

Like everything during this pandemic, these policies are subject to change, North said.

“Of course, these things are fluid,” North said. “We have in place internal guidelines. For example, if the numbers go above a certain point, we will restrict those visitations if we need to. Same thing if our PPE supplies go below a certain point, then we will be forced to implement additional restrictions. We are keeping a close eye on things. If things change or if we find out that things aren’t working, we will put out additional revisions to the policy as needed.”

For a complete list of DCH Health System visitor guidelines, you can visit

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