By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Meredith Barbrick

Mental illness is a serious issue for college students, and some at the University of Alabama decided they needed to help.

Alabama Cares Together is an on-campus group raising awareness and educating students on the signs of mental illness. They’re also available for students who are struggling without someone to talk to.

ACT Vice President of Communications Catherine Reynolds said their latest act is designed to get students thinking about their struggles.

“What does (mental health awareness) look like?” she said. “What does a sign or depression look like? Look around, talk to people. Find out with your friends, talk to people about what it looks like. It is not just a bunch of symptoms on a sheet of paper, it is bigger than that, it is much more real.”

For more information about Alabama Cares together, visit their website here.

If you are a University of Alabama student who needs assistance, please check for information on who to call or where to go.

If you are not a University of Alabama student, visit the Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance website here.

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