Alabama football hosts disaster relief drive

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Savannah Denton

TUSCALOOSA– The University of Alabama football team hosted a relief drive to support those affected by the tornadoes that swept through Alabama last week.

Gov. Kay Ivey declared six counties under a state of emergency.

The third Monday in January is the only holiday where we are encouraged to go out and follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s footsteps by volunteering.

That’s just what the UA football team did with their tornado relief drive.

The one-day disaster relief drive took place in the Home Depot parking lot from noon to 5:00 p.m. The team asked for non-perishable items like clothing, bottled water, tarps, blankets and anything beneficial to those impacted by the weather.

Offensive linebacker Tyler Booker organized the drive with the help of his teammates and the outcome was better than they expected.

“It’s been busy. Everyone on our team posted on their social media accounts, some of us have tens of thousands, some of us have hundreds of thousands of followers. We had a lot of people that already planned to come out prior, but we have also had signs with people standing right in front of Target. We were actually getting people to go into Target and buy stuff separately for this effort. And we really just appreciate everyone who donated,” said Booker.  

More than 30 tornadoes struck several southern states last week leaving many without power and shelter. Seven people were killed in Autauga County.

Residents from all around Alabama came out to donate to the team’s relief efforts.

“We drove from Fayetteville, we just wanted to show kindness and acts of love to people because you know it’s rough when you don’t have anything. We just thank God that we are able to help,” said Milborn Savage.

Before the drive ended the U-Haul truck was more than halfway full of supplies.

“I hope it’s helping them take any steps to rebuilding their community, because I’ve seen some pictures, it’s really just devastating. So I hope that they know that they are cared for and we love them and are thinking about them,” said Booker. 

All the donations will be distributed to victims in Central Alabama.

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