News of Tua Tagovailoa’s declaration for the 2020 NFL Draft spread quickly around tide country.

Feelings of happiness, disappointment and understanding flooded Bama nation following the anticipated announcement.

“Ohhh no. OH, MY GOSH! That is awesome,” one fan exclaimed after hearing the news. “It makes me sick!” another fan said. “We love Tua. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.”

I hate it for Alabama, but if it’s a good opportunity for him, I wish him well,” the fans agreed.

Tagovailoa said the decision was not an easy one and he went back and forth many time on whether to declare for the draft. Many even thought he would decide play his senior season at alabama.

“I think i was just being biased as a student honestly, really wanting him to come back,” one UA student said. “I thought he was coming back just because I was getting my hopes up as a fan but it makes sense. We understand it,” another student said.

Despite his hip injury, Tua is optimistic he will be well enough to play in the NFL this upcoming season. We may not know who he will be playing for, but whichever team that is…. just got a whole lot of fans from the state of Alabama!

“He has just been a good example for kids,” one fan said. “And for people to look up to with just he way that he carries himself on and off the field. He will always be appreciated by Bama fans and have a special place in all of our hearts.”

Tagovailoa ended the press conference by saying, “Thank you all so so much. God bless and Roll Tide. “

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