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No doubt about it, Saturday’s kick off against the Ole Miss Landsharks is going to be an absolute scorcher.

Extreme temperatures from day games in previous years prompted the University of Alabama to install cooling stations throughout Bryant -Denny stadium, where fans can retreat to cool down under the misting fans, fill water bottles up and apply sunscreen.

During the Tide’s season home opener three weeks ago, there were over 150 people seen in first aid by Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue. Fans said they’ll be doing their best to avoid being a statistic Saturday.

“Well, I am going to watch it where I can stay cool,” Alabama fan Zachary Young said. “I will probably start off watching it outside, but since it is breaking a record, I am probably going to have to move it on in inside.”

Meanwhile, fan Judy Taylor said she’s mixing the old cool-down standbys like a hat and sunglasses with a few new ones like cooling towels.

“The fans that go around your neck that are battery powered are awesome, too, but mainly water, water and more water,” she said.

The temperature at kickoff at Bryant-Denny Stadium is going to be 96 degrees, but the heat index will top 100 degrees.

football 1
corn and heat
corn and heat

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