Alabama entrepreneur team competing for $50K

Reboot Reforestation

Four college entrepreneur teams, including the University of Alabama, are hoping their ventures to help the environment will take home the $50,000 first-place prize to start their business.

CEO Dalton Morris said The University of Alabama team Reboot Reforestation develops, manufactures and operates drone technology to plant trees.

“We do that faster, more affordable and with less labor than our competitors,” Morris said. “We do have several drone pilots who are certified by the FAA and there are regulations that we have to adhere to.”

Morris said this idea came about two years ago, he and his team were discussing pressing problems facing this generation.

“Environmental degradation and climate change kept popping up and we knew we wanted to help the environment as fast as we can and as much as we can,” Morris said. “And we knew drones could cover a vast distance very quickly and we wanted to restore our ecosystems, so we married trees and drones.”

Laura Dunham with the Schulz School of Entrepreneurship said entrepreneurship is about solving problems that matter and creating value for others.

“So, it’s really important for an entrepreneur who wants to remain passionate about what they are doing to find that problem space that matters to them and where they want to create some change and bring some impact,” Dunham said. “Which we are certainly experiencing here with Dalton and his solution for reforestation.”

Dunham said the students who come to the competition every year are remarkable and determined.

“With regard to the variety of problems that they are exploring, that they are not daunted by but instead are determined to craft solutions around,” Dunham said. “To see just the tremendous creativity and strategic thinking that has gone into the solutions they crafted, it’s really inspiring.”

If they win first place, this is what they plan to do with the prize money.

“If we win the grand prize and $50,000 this will catapult our business into the next phase,” Morris said. “We will use the money to lease a factory space in Tuscaloosa to set up our factory. This will allow us to service the entire southeast United States.”

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