By WVUA 23 Reporter Libbi Farrow

The University of Alabama is in good company this week, educating students and faculty as part of Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.

Colleges and universities across the nation are sponsoring programs, forums and educational initiatives aimed at spreading awareness of alcohol issues on campus.

The week also focuses on alcohol consumption safety and personal safety.

UA is also recognizing students who want to socialize without alcohol, and provide events this week so they can do so.

Assistant Director for Health Permission and Wellness at the Student Health Center Dr. Delynne Wilcox said their goal isn’t keeping students from drinking. Instead, it’s helping students drink responsibly and ensuring those who don’t get the emergency attention they require.

“Our goals are to let students know about some of the consequences from over consuming alcohol, as well as safety tips and protective factors such as being aware of the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning and helping students who may have over consumed, how to know when to get them to the hospital and things of that nature,” Wilcox said.

The alcohol awareness table located on the Quad Monday placed red flags in the grass to represent incidents related to alcohol use.

Those flags symbolized collegiate deaths, injuries and vehicle crashes happening as a result of alcohol.

University of Alabama Student Government Association Chief Justice Clayton Lawing said the red flags allow students to also pledge to be more responsible when consuming alcohol and to make smart choices for those around them if alcohol is involved.

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