Alabama Department of Public Health redesigns website

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Jas Orr

The Alabama Department of Public Health launched a redesigned website to implement new features and make information about COVID more accessible. 

Notably, the website features a new Alabama’s Health, which features news releases and newsletters detailing the latest health news across the state. Here, website patrons can find press releases on COVID-19 and general health, messages from the state health officer as well as general trainings and events. It also features links to ADPH’s social media. 

“We tried to think of ways a redesign would truly benefit our citizens, such as making it easier to get access to COVID-19 vaccines and testing,”  said Jennifer Allen, director of the ADPH Digital Media Branch. 

Additionally, there is a new map showing all of the county health departments in Alabama. Simply search for a county or city, or zoom in on a location on the map.  Visitors to the site can also find contact information alongside the map, detailing how to get in touch with a specific location. 

The last major feature is a new, more powerful search function. With this, users can more easily find important information in a condensed place.

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