Alabama Dems start ‘Free Weed’ site for marijuana legalization

Free Weed Site

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama Democratic Party has launched a “Free Weed” website to support its effort to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state.

The site,, is a mix of policy advocacy and promotion for the state Democratic Party and its candidates.

It argues that prosecutions for small amounts of cannabis are a waste of criminal justice resources and that legalizing marijuana could also bring economic benefits to the state.

Rep. Chris England, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, said that criminalizing cannabis doesn’t make people safer.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl called the site a stunt.

The Alabama Democratic Party announced the site on April 20, also known as 4/20, a date that’s become associated with celebrating marijuana.

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4/23/2022 8:25:37 AM (GMT -5:00)

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