Story by WVUA 23’s Samantha Fisher.

The first annual convention for the Alabama Democratic Women was held at Hoover Country Club on Saturday. There was a panel of representatives from each of the new caucuses elected to the state Democratic executive committee to talk about what issues matter to their caucus and how they can work better to support women democrats’ caucuses in Alabama.

There were many keynote speakers invited to speak at the convention, including Valerie Jarrett who was the longest-serving senior advisor to President Barack Obama. She was not able to attend, but many other speakers discussed the future of democratic women in Alabama.

“We are super excited about 2020 coming up,” said Amy Wasyluka, the president of Alabama Democratic Women. “I think there are a lot of goals, as you said. One of our most important is to make our presence felt in the legislature. We are going to be having our women in blue day, which is our legislature lobbying event on March 10. That will be the first thing that you see of us.”

The second panel was composed of representatives from every democratic organization. Around 200 people attended the Alabama Democratic Women conference to listen to keynote speakers and learn ways that they can work together to move the party forward.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask each speaker questions and have a better understanding of the Democratic Party’s goals. Representative Chris England was in attendance to answer questions. When asked what the goal of the party is, he had this to say:

“Create an infrastructure that is not only usable but effective. So, the Democratic party, once we bring it back into the fold, will empower you and give you the resources to make this work.”

Alabama Democratic Women is dedicated to building up the Democratic Party and Democratic women in Alabama. Additional information can be found at

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