Alabama baseball planning to stick with camouflage hats

The University of Alabama Baseball Team celebrates against Troy at Sewell-Thomas Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL on Saturday, Jun 3, 2023.

By WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Mason Thompson

After Alabama brought out its camouflage hats they seem to be playing better.

Last month in a series against Vanderbilt to honor our Military Service, the Crimson Tide wore camouflage hats and it has continued to wear them instead of its traditional crimson hats.

“Yeah, I think we just started wearing them one day and everybody seemed to like them, and we just won the game when we wore them and I think we’re just keeping it rolling,” said Alabama outfielder Andrew Pinckney. ”Is there a little bit of a superstition involved? I think the guys have kind of started out like that and now I think we like the camo hats better than the red hats and I think now it’s just we like the camo hats more than the red hats. I don’t know, I let everyone else make that decision for me.”

It’s unclear whether the camouflage hats are superstition, a popular look, or just a changing of the tide. Regardless, the hats have seemed to turn the Crimson Tide’s season around.

“I think we’re just going with the look at this point,” said Alabama pitcher Garrett McMillian. “Just like the way they look a little bit better. We play good in them, so that helps as well.”

The Crimson Tide have gone 13-4 and have made it all the way to a berth in the Winston-Salem Super Regionals since making the change.

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