Alabama announces $940M in donations to Rising Tide Capital Campaign

University Of Alabama

By WVU A23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

The University of Alabama’s Rising Tide Capital Campaign has raised $940 million of its $1.5 billion goal since its inception in 2015, the school announced Monday.

The 10-year fundraising campaign is seeking money from private donors and was created to fund and support university athletics, students, faculty and facility upgrades.

Part of the campaign includes Crimson Standard, a $600 million initiative for athletic facility upgrades, program support and athletic scholarships.

“We want to continue with our athletic program to see its growth and success,” said Rising Tide Capital Campaign Co-Chair Karen Brooks. “We have plenty of other areas that are equally as important, like research, scholarships, endowments, fellows, all of that.”

Rising Tide’s goals include adding 1,000 new endowed student scholarships, 75 faculty endowments and upgrading more than 500,000 square feet of space across campus.

The campaign is being led by 21 Alabama alumni and friends of UA from across the country.

Brooks said without them the campaign would not be possible.

“We’re just very lucky that we have the right people in line right now to carry the campaign forward, and I love to be a part of a winning team,” she said. “And I know this one will be a winning team.”

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