Afterschool program offers resources, hands-on support

Local nonprofit and afterschool program Lift Alabama is leading individuals forward together.

Lift Alabama’s program provides resources, hands-on support and education to ensure students reach their full potential.  And best of all? It’s free.

Corey and Katherine Waldon, co-founders of Lift Alabama, have a big passion for helping their community grow and prosper.

“We want to save as many lives as we can,” Waldon said. “We will start out with 50, if its 150, 200 until this whole place is filled. That’s what we are looking for, to be able to reach every single child here in Tuscaloosa.”

What started out as a summer Saturday program in 2018 quickly expanded to become the Lift Academy as it is today.

The program begins the Monday after spring break, March 21 for both city and county schools, and goes through the last day of school, May 27.

They will operate Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 8 p.m.

“We plan to, of course, have homework help, from certified and retired teachers here in Tuscaloosa working one on one with students after school, as well as workshops focused on STEM programming and financial literacy,” Waldon said. “We are super excited to teach our students about checking accounts, banking accounts and savings, things of that nature.”

The program will also include conversations about bullying and bullying prevention, suicide prevention, health education and other topics students should be learning in this day and age, she said.

After the school program ends May 27, Life Alabama will take a short break before picking back up in the summer.

They plan on accepting 50 students ages 12-18.

“It’s a lot of kids who get lost in the shuffle,” Waldon said. “So if we are able to provide a safe place for our kids so that they can come and grow, we can nourish them and help them and be great leaders in the community.”

You can learn more about the program or sign up right here.

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