After years of mourning son, mom moves to make a difference

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

A Northport mother who lost her son to gun violence several years ago doesn’t want other families traveling in her shoes. So she’s doing something about it.

On Thursday, Lolita Richey hosted an informational meeting to set out the foundation for future anti gun-violence rallies and events.

“When I lost my child to gun violence, I was angry with the world, with God. I tried to find my way and was blaming here and there,” Richey said. “It’s a pain that you can’t get over, and I know that the parents who have lost their children to gun violence need to come out because we need to try to reach out to touch them and try to help them overcome the pain that they’re experiencing.”

Richey said sharing her grief is what sparked the idea to start hosting events for families who have been impacted by gun violence in Northport.

She’s planning a rally against gun violence on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Snow Hinton Park.

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