Afro American Gospel Choir

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Christina Ausley

In an afternoon full of emotional, mental, physical and vocal strength, the Afro-American Gospel Choir held their annual parent appreciation concert this past Sunday, Oct. 15.

The Afro-American Gospel Choir is a student-run ministry at the University of Alabama that has been singing from the soul since 1971. Last weekend, the choir focused on singing songs about strength and staying positive, even through the hardest of times like that of breast cancer.

“One of our main goals and our main outreach is the community,” said Audriya Lyles, president of the Afro-American Gospel Choir. “We make sure we include the community and to promote breast cancer awareness. It’s really crucial, especially in the African American community.”

Special appearances were made by Vice President of Student Life David Grady, former choir member Candace Lacey and Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion G. Christine Taylor, all in support of the Afro-American Gospel Choir’s hopes to impact and influence the community through the strength of their voices.

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