A pay- it-forward act of kindness has brought new equipment to the Centreville Police Department.
It all started about a month ago when a young woman on her way to Disney World, accidentally left her purse inside a Bibb County McDonald’s.
What she thought was a mistake may now save someone’s life.

It wasn’t until she reached for her purse, six hours down the road, that Kellie Abbott realized her mistake.
That’s when she called and connected with Centreville Police Department and eventually the woman who turned her purse in.

Officer Rodney Smith with Centreville PD was able to give Kellie the good news that her purse had been turned in by a good citizen and nothing was taken. Smith then over-nighted the purse to Disney World, where Abbott received it the following day. He had this to say about his actions and those of the citizen who turned the lost belongings in.

“When you get citizens who do the right thing when they need to, it makes our job so much easier. They try to help out where they can when they can. They don’t expect anything in return, nor do I.”
But, Smith and his fellow Centreville officers did receive something in return; something that could potentially save lives.
In 2013, Kellie Abbott created a non-profit called Blue Forever Inc. after her friend Sgt. Tim Punty was shot and killed in the line of duty.
Abbott saw a need for officers to have casualty care tools on them at all times, to use personally or on fellow officers until rescue units arrive.
Blue Forever has donated belt trauma kits to law enforcement agencies across the United States.
The kits are made up of quick clot combat gauze, a tourniquet, CPR shield and a pair of gloves.
Thanks to the actions of the good citizen, Smith and Abbott, each Centreville PD officer now carries one of the Blue Forever trauma kits,

Abbott tells us her non-profit has donated nearly 2000 trauma kits to law enforcement agencies around the country, but being able to supply someone who’s directly helped her is a great feeling!

“I always think everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why I ended up leaving that purse and there is a reason why the Centreville Police Department has these kits now. You never know when something is going to happen.”

Abbott raises money for the trauma kits through selling t-shirts and other items on the non-profit’s website.

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