A new case of monkeypox prompts precautions

Alabama health authorities have confirmed two cases of monkeypox in the state, in Jefferson and Mobile counties.

Similar to smallpox, the virus does not spread easily from person to person.

Close, intimate, skin-to-skin contact appears to be the primary mode of transmission.

Dr. Wes Stubblefield with the Alabama Department of Public Health said he expects to see an increase in cases across the state.

“I think we can anticipate there will be more people diagnosed over the next few weeks. The CDC and other infectious disease societies are anticipating that we will continue to see rises in cases probably until early August,” he explained.

In order to keep the case count down. Dr. Keisha Lowther with Whatley Health Services advises washing your hands, along with keeping an eye out for some of the symptoms like headache, body ache and muscle fatigue.

“The good thing is for most people who have the virus their symptoms are very mild. The lesions can be painful but the course of the virus does not lead to mortality like other viruses can,” said Lowther.

Lowther also says at the first sign of symptoms you should isolate in order to protect those around you.

For more information on monkeypox, head over to cdc.gov.

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